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Do we need a new BFE version (1.61)?

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Laser Cutting Technology of Galvanized Steel Sheet

Category: laserman123's blog

Today's sheet metal enterprises, laser cutting has long been commonplace. The advantages of laser cutting processing is that it is not a means of contact materials, so it will not damage the surface of the plate, and the section without any burr, is a processing method of procedure reduced greatly. However, 1000mw laser pointercutting will encounter a variety of practical problems difficult to overcome…

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Version 1.60 is released

Category: General

My dear players! :)

Battle for Elements 1.60 has been released! This is a new base version so you will have to start over from the scratch as your previous characters will not be compatible with the new version due to basic changes. Please see the full list of changes below.…

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Team vacancy

Category: General

Our project searching for assembly coder, also C/C++ knowledge is very welcome. O:-)
Also we need skillmaker.

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