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1st Act new metaquest.

In order to summon Andariel you need to assemble Summoning Sphere and activate this device in right place. Meet the seven Guardians: Alastor, Amy, Andrealphus, Armaros, Belphegor, Bifrons, Kimaris and defeat them!

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Three difficulty modes.

Mod have three new difficulty modes you can choose at each game session start. You will figure out one of them suites your comfortable gameplay most. These three new modes (Easy, Standard, Hard) don't replace nor relate to regular difficulty levels (Normal, Nightmare, Hell). It works at same time. While you can choose Nightmare level only after Normal walkthrough and Hell level only after Nightmare walkthrough, you can choose any of these three new modes at any time you enter the game.

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Friendly Fire.

Magic art is magic art and cold steel is cold steel. An arrow can harm your ally and even greatest wizard can't defend against own spell sometimes. Mod allow you to feel these real life principles with your own character. Use your powers wisely.

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Changed quest rewards.

To reflect boosted mod difficulty many quest rewards were changed.

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Extended gamble.

Gamble window now contain a tons of items you had not seen before.

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New waypoints.

Batch of "one-way" waypoints were added.

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Books of Lore.

Each main town (excepting 1st Act town) contain Book of Lore. These books provide you information about Elemental Planes of Multiverse.

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Each version of mod contain at least one new contest for all players. Essence of contests, conditions, and rewards are vary.

Interactive torches.

This feature is just one step to advanced interactivity in mod. We work in this way for more player options.

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