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The Sewers

Everything seems to be good in the glorious city of Lut Gholein, but why Jerhyn is worried? Citizens scurrying like shadows, anxiously looking around… mercenaries armed to the teeth in succession to keep the city quiet, sullen patrolling the streets… Rumors crawling the city, allegedly some sort of evil somewhere in the depths of the sewer, abducting people for some unknown, but surely the terrible purpose. Seems like this evil offspring is none other than Radament. Once one of the noble Horadrim, now a wizened mummy, trying in vain to get out of the city's catacombs, but he needed life blood for this… Fear seized the city, darkness is near. One of the Radament's victims was a noble Atma, which has lost once, and her son and husband… Who will help the city?
Levels 1 and 2: Bone Warrior, Burning Dead Archer, Dried Corpse, Sand Raider.
Level 3: Bone Warrior, Dried Corpse, Night Tiger, Burning Dead Mage (Fire).