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Halls of Fame

One of the Greiz' mercenaries in Lut Gholein told he stumbled upon a strange door in the underground labyrinth of the Halls of the Dead, this door seemed like it did not open for thousands of years. Behind the door he found an amazing place, quite unlike anything he had seen before. Wide unlettered corridors built from an unknown material and a bright light, so unexpected in the underground catacombs. There is no such beauty even in the palace of glorious Jerhyn… But even this amazing place was desecrated by creatures of Hell, so sword found a job once again. Hordes of dark minions rolled in waves, but luck was not on their side but the most incredible thing was awaiting further. Killing the last monster, and passed a long, wide hallway, he saw images made with amazing skill. During all this time, colors are not faded, and all efforts of monsters can not hurt them. As if the gods wished that people could see those persons until the end of time. Who could it be?..


Population: Desert Wing, Dried Corpse, Hollow One, Spear Cat.