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Green Alley

Once upon a time there were dense forests, but the countless battles with the undead awakened by Lord of Terror, negated the lush vegetation. After a bloody battle in the catacombs of the monastery, people rarely appeared here, because only a scorched earth met a brave traveler. Some time later, a group of hunters stumbled upon a source of crystal clear water, which rises directly from beneath the earth - really a gift from Heaven. And it was decided to erect here a majestic fountains in memory of soldiers fallen in battle, and life-giving force of water has revived the old greens. But, for some time, the water in source has become a bitter, unusable for drinking, and each night the fountains spew a barely perceptible greenish mist of poison gas.
Green Alley    Green Alley   Green Alley

Population: Faithful, Heirophant, Undead Fetish.