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Recipes for Socketing

Old Diablo 2 LOD recipes:

Next 3 recipes reroll modifiers on item and add 1-2 sockets.

Magic Weapon + 3 Chipped Gems=Magic Socketed Weapon
Magic Weapon + 3 Flawless Gems=Magic Socketed Weapon
Socketed Weapon + 3 Standard Gems=Magic Socketed Weapon

Next recipe keeps modifiers on item and adds 1 socket.

Rare Item + 3 Perfect Skull + Stone Of Jordan=Rare With 1 Socket

Next 4 recipes keep modifiers on item and add 1-6 socket.

Normal Weapon + Is Rune + Wyn Rune + Perfect Amethyst=Socketed Weapon
Normal Helm + Nyd Rune + Wyn Rune + Perfect Sapphire=Socketed Helm
Normal Torso Armor + Nyd Rune + Gyfu Rune + Perfect Topaz=Socketed Torso Armor
Normal Shield + Is Rune + Gyfu Rune + Perfect Ruby=Socketed Shield

New recipes

Next 6 recipes keep modifiers on item and add number of sockets based on amount of diamond needles you used.

Normal Item (can be socketed) + X Diamond Needles=Normal Item with X Sockets
Magic Item (can be socketed) + X Magic Diamond Needles=Magic Item with X Sockets
Rare Item (can be socketed) + X Rare Diamond Needles=Rare Item with X Sockets
Set Item (can be socketed) + X Set Diamond Needles=Set Item with X Sockets
Crafted Item (can be socketed) + X Crafted Diamond Needles=Crafted Item with X Sockets
Unique Item (can be socketed) + X Unique Diamond Needles=Unique Item with X Sockets

Destroying socket fillers.

Any Socketed Item + Recipe Turner=Destroys Contents Of Sockets