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Recipes for Accessories

General transmutations

3 Magic Rings=Magic Amulet
3 Magic Amulets=Magic Ring

10 Magic Rings=Rare Ring
10 Magic Amulets=Rare Amulet
10 Rare Rings=Unique Ring
10 Rare Amulets=Unique Amulet

Color and Spectral amulets

Green Class-Oriented Amulet + Magic Jewel=Green Amulet of Next Class
Yellow Class-Oriented Amulet + 2 Magic Jewels=Yellow Amulet of Next Class
Orange Class-Oriented Amulet + 3 Magic Jewels=Orange Amulet of Next Class
Red Class-Oriented Amulet + 4 Magic Jewels=Red Amulet of Next Class
Blue Class-Oriented Amulet + 5 Magic Jewels=Blue Amulet of Next Class
Spectral Class-Oriented Amulet + 6 Magic Jewels=Spectral Amulet of Next Class
* Amazon -> Sorceress -> Necromancer -> Paladin -> Barbarian -> Druid -> Assassin -> Amazon

Green Class-Oriented Amulet + Crafted Jewel=Yellow Amulet of Same Class
Yellow Class-Oriented Amulet + 2 Crafted Jewels=Orange Amulet of Same Class
Orange Class-Oriented Amulet + 3 Crafted Jewels=Red Amulet of Same Class
Red Class-Oriented Amulet + 4 Crafted Jewels=Blue Amulet of Same Class
Blue Class-Oriented Amulet + 2 Unique Rings=Spectral Amulet of Same Class

Rings of statistics

Weak Ring of Statistic + 3 Rare Jewels=Lesser Ring of Same Statistic
Lesser Ring of Statistic + 3 Crafted Jewels=Strong Ring of Same Statistic
Strong Ring of Statistic + 2 Unique Rings=Greater Ring of Same Statistic

Weak Ring + Lesser Ring + Strong Ring + Greater Ring of statistic=Ultimate Ring of same statistic
* Possible statistics here: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, and Energy.

All Ultimate Rings of statistic=Ring of Power

Disabling morphing state

Amulet of Afflicted Morphing + Recipe Turner + Topaz Powder
Amulet of Apparition Morphing + Recipe Turner + Sapphire Powder
Amulet of Stygian Fury Morphing + Recipe Turner + Emerald Powder
Amulet of Undead Stygian Doll Morphing + Recipe Turner + Amethyst Powder
Amulet of Venom Lord Morphing + Recipe Turner + Ruby Powder