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Recipes with Monster Blood

Increasing the concentration of monster blood:

2 Blood of Monster=Monster Blood Vial

Next four transmutations are available, but you can't use its output in mod at the moment!

3 Monster Blood Vial=Monster Blood Flask
3 Monster Blood Flask + Any Flawless Gem=Monster Blood Gem
3 Monster Blood Flask + Same Monster Blood Gem=Monster Blood Essence
Monster Blood Essence + Any Flawless Gem + Smith Hammer=Monster Blood Powder

Adding properties:

Max amount of uses: 3

Weapon Damage Upgrade

Gloves Upgrade

Weapon + 3 Blood of Same Monster*=Damage vs this monster +150%
Gloves + 3 Blood of Same Monster*=Attack Rating vs this monster +50%
*excluding act boss blood.

Max amount of uses: 1

Armor Resist Upgrade

Torso armor + Blood of Balrog + Blood of Fetish + Blood of Fallen + Blood of Sand Raider=Fire Resistance +75%
Torso armor + Blood of Scarab + Blood of Bighead + Blood of Baboon + Blood of Bat Demon=Lightning Resistance +75%
Torso armor + Blood of Snow Yeti + Blood of Frozen Horror + Blood of Minion + Blood of Vile=Cold Resistance +75%
Torso armor + Blood of Zombie + Blood of Sand Maggot + Blood of Putrid Defiler + Blood of Regurgitator=Poison Resistance +75%

Act Bosses Blood usage:

   Weapon + Blood of Andariel=Attack Rating, Damage + 10% vs Andariel
Weapon + Blood of Duriel=Attack Rating, Damage + 10% vs Duriel
Weapon + Blood of Mephisto=Attack Rating, Damage + 10% vs Mephisto
Weapon + Blood of Diablo=Attack Rating, Damage + 10% vs Diablo
Weapon + Blood of Baal=Attack Rating, Damage + 10% vs Baal