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Special Effects

4.1 Crushing Blow

Crushing blow is not damage but an ability that modifies the opponent's life amount before normal damage is dealt. It reduces the target's current life amount by the following factor depending on the weapon and the type of the target:

TargetMelee WeaponMissile Weapon
Normal Monster
Bosses and Champions
Players and Hirelings
As of the patch 1.10, the effect of Crushing Blow no longer scales with the number of players. In practice, this is implemented by dividing the damage by the life scaling factor of monsters. For example, if you score a crushing blow against a monster that has been spawned in an 8-player game, the game first calculates the damage of the crushing blow based on the current life amount of the target and then divides it by 4.5 (monsters have 450% of their normal hit points in 8 player games). In this way, the absolute damage from a crushing blow is the same regardless of how many players there are in the game.

Since a crushing blow is not damage, it is not affected normally by any damage modification effects, such as the PvP penalty and Energy Shield. However, there is a special coding, which reduces the effect of a crushing blow as if it was affected by the physical resistance of the target. In this calculation, a negative physical resistance is treated as 0 % to prevent it from increasing the effect of the crushing blow. Therefore, a crushing blow does not affect monsters immune to physical damage.

There is one chance to score a crushing blow per strike. The chances from different sources are summed up to determine the final chance to score a crushing blow.

4.2 Open Wounds

Open wounds ability sets the target's regeneration speed to a negative value, which causes it to lose life. Open Wounds overrides the target's natural regeneration speed (it has no effect during open wounds), but item based regeneration still functions. Note that since Open Wounds is not damage but negative life regeneration, it is not affected by any damage modification effects, except what is stated in the Damage Modifiers section below.

Damage Formulas

The damage done by the Open Wounds depends on the level of the character who delivers Open Wounds as follows:

Character LevelDamage per Frame*Damage Per Second*Duration
1-15(9*clvl + 31) / 2560.88*clvl + 3.038 seconds
16-30(18*clvl - 104) / 2561.76*clvl - 10.168 seconds
31-45(27*clvl - 374) / 2562.64*clvl - 36.528 seconds
46-60(36*clvl - 779) / 2563.52*clvl - 76.078 seconds
61-99(45*clvl - 1319) / 2564.39*clvl - 128.818 seconds
Clvl = Character's level.
*) There are 25 frames in 1 second.

Calculated Damages

The damage inflicted by Open Wounds is calculated below for selected character levels.

Character LevelDamage per Frame*Damage Per Second*Total Damage over 8 Seconds
*) There are 25 frames in 1 second.

Damage Modifiers

The damage of Open Wounds is reduced against certain targets and if one is using missile weapons. Its damage is multiplied by one of the following factors depending on the case:

TargetMelee WeaponMissile Weapon
Boss Monster
Other Targets11


There is one chance to open wounds per strike. The chances from different sources are summed up to determine the final chance to open wounds.

Multiple open wounds do not stack with each other in terms of damage but the highest damage from multiple open wounds sources is always used. Each new open wounds resets the bleeding timer to 8 seconds and changes the damage rate only if the new damage rate is higher than the previous one.