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Your ideas and work in mod

Name Your ideas and work in mod
Maintainer TrueMage
Description This is project that can help any of you to add your ideas and work directly in mod!

Remember, it is not a place for "I want to see many new unique monsters!" requests. But it is good place for anyone who want (and willing to learn how to do this) to add in mode something he or she created. It can be new monster, new item, new location, new music and anything new you can create.

As soon as you proposed new idea (and its technical realization) we contacted you to fit your idea in current gameplay, you will be granted with "super-member" access and privilegies, take your position as project maintainer and we'll start to work with your idea to add it in mod for future version. Off course, you will be credited in mod documentation and, if you still interested to continue this work, you can become BFE team member.

Take your chance to become a part of BFE development team and feel free to make this wonderful mod even better! ;)


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