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Beginning of the Game

Well, it may sounds banal, but firstly you would read mod documentation carefully, because mod contains too many changes over against original Diablo2: LoD and documentation will clarify many of important questions.
Please, note: mod is really much more harder than vanilla D2 and if you will not use all mod’ capabilities then you’re unlikely to complete it.
It is most difficult to play for melee classes and better to start with trap-assassin or summon-necromancer.
Champions, big hordes of archers, backfire from almost any monster are very dangerous right from the start.
Bosses/superuniques drop rate was reduced, so Mephisto runs, for example,  are not significant.

Here we post several nuances you should remember from the very beginning:

Efficiency of many skills is based on new “Endurance” character statistic, you may check this statistic on the last page of character window. Since this statistic affects the number of minions, aurae radius, and other then every death weakens character and though it can be compensated through items with “Endurance” it is still not recommended to die. This also implies the conclusion: if you was unlucky and died, don’t try to get your corpse, because character is weak at this time and your corpse will not return “Endurance” to you.

Some low-level set items can raise your chances of survival, for example:

Leather gloves and sash from Death's Disguise set - Cannot be Frozen, 60% Attack Speed, All Resistances +30, receiving two such kits is very important and you can get it from gamble as easy route.

Full helm, breast plate, and broad sword from Isenhart's Armory set – drop is your friend here.

First aett runewords require 19 character level, you can find runes for it at Countess.
Barbarian class-specific unique items like Ghul and Ganar are unjustly forgotten, but the way it have Fire and Lightning absorbs, you can socket two pairs of its item soul in your helm and forget about problems with Will’o’wisps and Dark Sorceresses. In addition, its require only 16 character level and much more better than Darkglow.
You can get any unique item from Charsi as quest reward, but you should check if your character level is sufficient for this.