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Tournament marathon


Tournament OPEN

Tournament marathon

1. The main goal of the Tournament marathon: Kill Baal in Hell difficulty by all 7 (seven) classes of characters.
2. There is no time limits: You can progress as long as you want.
It is possible to join a Tournament marathon at any time.
3. Difficulty restriction: The difficulty mode (that is available in Launcher, i.e. Easy, Standard, Hard) cannot be set lower than Standard ppl1. Participants can set higher difficulty or ppl if they wish but there are no bonuses for that.
4. Participants must use the current BfE version to play. The current version is 1,51.
PlugY restrictions: Skill/Stat respec is not allowed as well as changing the default frequency of Diablo-clone appearance.
No multiplayer mode allowed. Participants must run torunament characters in single-mode only.
5. Restoring earlier save game files in case of character's death is forbidden.
Please keep a fair play during this tournament.
6. Create new characters of all available classes (7 in total). You must start with a new empty stash (both shared and personal). You can use shared stash to store or distribute items your tournament characters will find or create during the game.
7. All characters progress simultaneously.
What does that mean: You cannot go on to next difficulty level (Normal, Nightmare, Hell) with any character if there are other characters which have not complete the current difficulty yet. You can guide any of your characters up to the end of the current difficulty but no further untill all of them complete the current difficulty. Though you are free to play any character within the current difficulty without limitations (i.e. you can play 2 hours with one class then switch to another then return to the first one etc.). It is also possible to continue to play character class which has killed Baal on the current difficulty providing you play it in the same difficulty as others.
The utmost condition:
Any activity of any character in the next difficulty is restricted until all 7 characters will finish the current difficulty (i.e. kill Baal).
8. Quest items transferring between characters (including Act 1 boss quest items) is prohibited.
9. Participants cannot exchange any items. All items used during the tournament should be found or created by the participant himself/herself.
10. Weekly progress reports are highly appreciated.
All participants should immediately provide a *.d2s file (i.e. without personal and shared chests) for any character which ends any Act during the tournament along with the summary of levels received and deaths happened. Screenshots and comments about the progress and gameplay impressions are appreciated.
The official tournament table is maintained according to save games provided.
11. Participant can, on his/her own discretion, start new character instead of any current ones (if he/she thinks, for example, that there are too much RIPs for a particular character). This rule takes effect only until all 7 characters have finished Normal difficulty. Characters cannot be replaced after that moment.
12. The finish conditions:
12.1 Universum Control Center creation and killing Baal on Hell difficulty by EACH character is obligatory to finish the tournament.
UCC transferring between characters is forbidden.
UCC components and crafted elements up to RBB and SN as well as Elemental Keys are allowed to transfer.
12.2 All participants who have finished tournament successfully will have their nicknames placed to Hall of Glory according to a total characters level (assuming all 7 characters) and total deaths for all 7 characters. Deaths amount is the most important factor, i.e. participants with less deaths can be placed higher than those who have more total levels but more deaths as well.
Example: the Participant1 shows total_lvl(deaths) 630 (5) and Participant2 shows 637(6). The first one will position higher in the Hall of Glory.
As the Tournament marathon has no time limits it is allowed to continue playing characters killed Baal in Hell difficulty to improve your rating.
13. Bug using is forbidden (like summoning Hell Andariel with shards found in Normal, etc.)
If you have any doubts about what you are going to do - you better ask forum first.

There are no time limits.
It is possible to participate any other competitions during Tournament Marathon.
Enjoy your game, play for pleasure.
Good luck! :smile:

nomina sunt odiosa
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